two aspects of the software strategy are 1)evaluation

two aspects of the software strategy are

1)evaluation this means that any software ideas that are proposed need to be checked against certain criteria this can include


what the software does, what feature does it include that could help the organisation


how fast does the software complete tasks how accurate is the software he efficient is the software


is the software easy to understand and use


is the software compatible with the current systems and planned future systems


how much is the initial cost to buy and install the software.

2) traning

on-the-job training

this is when the user is trained to use the system while the continue doing their work

internal training

Training is delivered by a specialist or expert from within the organisation

External training

Training is delivered by an outside organisation


The impact of the Internet on family and employment


you are able to connect with friends and family all across the world with instant response there for improving you family relationship.

It also allows people to do homework in their house and then post it on a blog so the teacher can review it later therefor saving paper and also they are able to look up information online to help them with their studies.

Finally the internet has a down side as families are more likely to worry about safety issues as it is easier for people to stay anonymous online and trick people into thinking they are someone who they are not.


has opened more job opportunities such  as internet technician and you tube.

Businesses can sell product online to a much wider rang of people there for allowing them to access more customers and make it easier for the customer as they can order products from their house.

The internet has also allowed disabled people easier access to jobs as they can work from home.



Multimedia Technology

Bluetooth vs WiFi

WiFi has longer range and also faster transfer rates that blue tooth but Bluetooth can be used anywhere and on the go.

Blue tooth has transfer rates of up to 24 Mbit/s per second where as WiFi has 1Gbit/s

fire wire vs USB 

external hard drives

most devices are compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with all 2.0 devices

fire wire 800 Mbit/s

USB 2.0 12 Mbp/s

USB 3.0 5.0 Gbit/s

Magnetic Storage

common hard disk drive size of 1 tB in computers today

external hard drive usually have about 500 GB

assuming that each hour of uncompressed video will take up around 4 GB then you would be able to store around 256 hours
Holographic Storage

this is when you store information in 3D arrays allowing you to stack information and have a higher storage capacity this is done by using lasers to record light both at different shades by changing the angle of the laser

Online storage

This is when you store information on servers external from your computer this is commonly known as cloud storage.




sound types

Wav: This is a sound type created by microsoft and ibm, this is a standard format that can be played almost all window applications.


nominet uk

Nominet UK is the .uk domain name registry in the UK.One of its responsibilities is to deal with disputes over domain names they also deal with issues such as Cybersquatting. This is when people take a domain to later sell it to the person who will use it. E.g. if there is a small brand that has been launched someone may take the domain names so the company needs to buy it off them.


Internet Censorship – is it good or bad?

there are many pros and cons of Internet Censorship. 


Using Internet Censorship will prevent young children from viewing pornographic material which can lead to them being ill informed about sexual health.

religious conflict can be avoided as offensive religious based content can be blocked so it cant be published for others to see.

It can help protect peoples privacy

It can prevents violence by stopping the broadcast of events, which might trigger it.E.g. London riots.


It works against creativity.

It is generally associated with dictatorship.

Censorship has been misused in the past.

It is a force against globalization.

People have a right to know.

In conclusion I feel there is no clear right or wrong answer and also every person has a different opinion of what should be censored or not. therefore I fell it is impossible to have the correct amount of censorship 

the processor



The processor is made up of many different parts some of the are:

  • Arithmetic and Logic Unit: (ALU) this is used to perform calculations and logical operations
  • Control Unit: this manages the fetch decode and execute instructions.
  • Registers: these are very fast temporary storage locations which hold the data being processed, instructions being executed and the addressed of the memory locations that can be accessed.
  • buses :inside the processor there is buses these are used to transmit information.

there are 3 main buses

  • Address bus: this is a uni directional bus as the information only goes from the processor to the main memory.
  • Data bus: this is bi directional as information can be written to the main memory or read from the main memory.
  • Control bus: this is used to perform actions such as read write interrupted reset and also keep control of the clock speed

memory read process

  1. the address bus is set up with the required address.
  2. the control unit activates the read line on the control bus
  3. the selected memory location is opened by the address bus
  4. the contents of the memory location is sent along the data bus into the memory data registrar.
  5. the data is decoded and executed

memory write operation

  1. the address bus is set up with the required address.
  2. the processor sets up the data bus with the data to be stored
  3. the control unit activates the write line on the control bus
  4. the selected memory location is opened by the address bus
  5. the contents waiting in the Memory Data Registrar are sent to the allocated memory location